House of Prestige

We need your help in the renovation and maintenance of House of Prestige for ladies participating in the diversion program and those needing temporary or transitional housing. The House of Prestige provides a safe residence, stable (yet confidential) address and opportunity for life skill application as the ladies rebuild their lives. The House of Prestige will feature a Wall of Prestige which will prominently display positive confessions, applicable scriptures, and a framed poster size photo of Taffi Dollar. The house residents can face the wall for encouragement during difficult times of temptation and/or despair.

How You Can Help
ROOM SPONSORS provide bedding, furnishings and/or home accessories. The sponsor’s logo will be displayed on a plaque on the room’s door or inside the room.


  • • Red Room sponsored by Sponsor A
  • • Gold Room sponsored by Sponsor B
  • • Green Room sponsored by Sponsor C
  • • Blue Room sponsored by Sponsor D
  • • Pink Room sponsored by Sponsor E
  • • Purple Room sponsored by Sponsor F

Bathroom and Kitchen Makeover | New cabinets, countertops, appliances, floors, paint, etc.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the House of Prestige, please contact Kathy Daniels Jenkins at