Outreach Street Patrol

The Prestige Outreach patrol the streets and go into Adult Entertainment clubs one Friday evening each month.

On a typical outreach night, designated teams will meet in the Administration Building of World Changers Church International (WCCI) for preparation and prayer. Following group prayer, teams travel in groups of three to four, by bus or car, to adult entertainment clubs throughout the Metro Atlanta area. Team members bring gifts, towels, snacks, and Prestige pamphlets in clubs and distribute them to the dancers. It is during these outreaches that relationships are built and trust is formed. Team members talk to and share with the ladies as they are led. Street team members also reach out to women involved in prostitution on the streets of the Metro Atlanta area, making them aware of Prestige services and what we have to offer if they are interested in getting out of that lifestyle. All outreach teams then return to WCCI for debriefing.